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SAVAGE Open Week 2 Recap
March 9, 2022
Memorial Day Murph Cycle
March 20, 2022

Fueled For Performance 2022 Nutritional Challenge

The winner of this years Nutritional Challenge is none other than Diana C.

Over the course of the 30 day challenge, Diana managed to reduce the speed of our Challenge WOD 1 by 86 seconds which was the best overall improvement. Additionally, on Challenge WOD 2 Diana improved her score by 5.8% completing 146 reps. Diana reported a loss of 3 lbs over the course of the challenge but said “I feel like I am back on track to a mindful healthier eating habit after the holidays.” When asked if the weight loss helped her performance she said, “although I might not physically look as different, I feel lighter… My performance improved, feeling less weighted down and more energetic”.

Diana reported she followed a vegetarian style diet. The best change she said was “I was mindful of the ratios of veggies, carb and protein per meal.”

Lastly she thanks her nutritional coach, Evaristo who would judge her when she wanted chips and instead hand her the healthier option. #TrueLove

Diana after finishing WOD 1 of the SAVAGE Open

The 2022 SAVAGE Open

29 Male and 19 Female athletes battled it out for the title of Fittest at UNLEASHED. Over the course of 6 grueling workouts we determined this years fittest athletes.


1st – Danny V (18 points) 3 first place finishes
2nd – Victor R (25 points) 1 first place finish
3rd – Jorge P (27 points)


1st – Lauren L (6 points) 3 first place finishes
2nd – Alejandra R (13 points)
3rd – Marissa M (20 points) 1 first place finish


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