CrossFit 18.4 Recap

CrossFit 18.3 Recap
March 19, 2018
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March 24, 2018
CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym

CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym

Heavy Deads and broken heads.

Team CrossFit

2285th Place

In the World

Week four turned our worlds upside down with some handstand pushups, heavy deadlifts and for the very first time, handstand walks. Once again we were faced with some advanced gymnastics, but unlike last week, it didn’t stop the majority of athletes from attempting the WOD as prescribed, with 45 athletes getting atleast 1 handstand pushup in 18.4.  This week was chock full of fun with our annual St. Paddy’s day beer mile and a special guest visitor coming down from CrossFit HQ to film our Sunday Showdown. Each week has been more fun and exciting than the last and so far I couldn’t be happier with the overall turn out and performance during this years CrossFit Open.

As the open progresses, fewer and fewer athletes are tackling the workouts as prescribed. Yet again we had a drop-off in Rx performances, with only 67{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of men and 50{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of women tackling the WOD as prescribed.


Number of Male Athletes Who Went Rx


Number of Female Athletes Who Went Rx

Overall Leaders After 4 Weeks


Rx Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – J.P. (5 points)
2nd – Ant (17 points)
3rd – Andrew (31 points)


Rx Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Lauren (7 points)
2nd – Marissa (18 points)
3rd – Laura (20 points)

Handstand Pushups


Athletes Who Got atleast 1

Although both teams had a drop-off in FNL and Sunday showdown participation. Team Grey managed to bring more athletes to the event with 84{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of team Grey participating compared to 73{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of Team Black athletes. Team Grey understands the concept and are ensuring their athletes are showing up to compete during the designated times, helping them walk away with easy points each and every week. Historically we see that the team with the greatest participation often ends up winning the Open.



Team Black


Team Grey


This weeks spirit points were difficult to decide on. Did Team Blacks Cholo Gangster intimidation tactics work against Team Grey’s pom pom cheer squad? Both teams were well prepared, both teams brought a tremendous amount of spirit, but it was Team Grey this week with their loud cheers and camaraderie that stole the show. Team Grey plastered the box with Cardboard signs, and the silver pom poms in the crowd far outweighed the black bandannas and swinging rally towels of Team Black.


The only saving grace for Team Black this week was their podium performance. They managed to tie on the women’s side but beat out Team Grey on the men’s side giving them a small lead in the podium category this week.



Rx Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Ant (Team Black)
2nd – lee (Team Black)
3rd – Andrew (Team Black)

Rx Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)

1st – Tony (Team Grey)
2nd – Jon (Team Black)
3rd – Ivan (Team Black)

Scaled Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Joe (Team Black)
2nd – John M (Team Grey)
3rd – Kyaw (Team Grey)

Scaled Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Telly (Team Black)
2nd – Anderson (Team Grey)
3rd – Will (Team Black)


Rx Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Lauren (Team Black)
2nd – Gabby (Team Grey)
3rd – Bri (Team Black)

Rx Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)

1st –  Jackie (Team Grey)
2nd – Iulia (Team Grey)
3rd – Lisa (Team Black)

Scaled Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Mollie (Team Grey)
2nd – Jess (Team Black)
3rd – Beata (Team Black)

Scaled Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Carolyn (Team Grey)
2nd – Coleen (Team Black)
3rd – Fabiana (Team Grey)

Team Black


Podium Spots

Team Grey


Podium Spots

Team Grey brought home the clutch win during week 4.  Taking home 82 points and stopping Team Black from closing the gap as they head into the final week. It’s not over yet, it all comes down to 18.5, who will win the this Years Open at CrossFit.


Week 2 Winner


Team Grey


Team Black



Team Grey



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