CrossFit 18.3 Recap

Schedule Change – End of Open
March 18, 2018
CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym
CrossFit 18.4 Recap
March 22, 2018

CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym

Did week 3 crush your spirits or light your fire?

Team CrossFit

82nd Place

In New York

Week three brought us every imaginable goat, skills that haunt the minds of the novice athlete and frustrate even the most cool, calm and collected person.

The announcement of 18.3 brought us a high volume double under, right on the heels of a double under intensive class workout “Ghost”. Tricky Dave Castro paired the doubles with some advanced gymnastics and the ever frustrating, stiff persons nightmare, the overhead squat. With our calves smoked and our spirits high most of us welcomed the new workout, although some athletes have spent the last year running and hiding from their weaknesses, cherry picking workouts, and hoping that they wouldn’t see them in the Open. Well, perhaps this year is an eye opener. Rather than run and hide, why not face your challenges head on. It’s my hope that every athlete can take away one crucial thing from this weeks WOD, these movements aren’t going anywhere, and the only way to overcome them is to master them. Set some reasonable goals and start working toward them. Set aside a few minutes before or after class, or block off an hour of open gym time once a week and come work on your weaknesses. This week marked a drastic drop-off in Rx performances, with only 78{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of men and 71{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of women tackling the WOD as prescribed.


Number of Male Athletes Who Went Rx


Number of Female Athletes Who Went Rx

bar muscle-up during the CrossFit Games Open 18.3 at CrossFit Bell

Our team currently sits 82nd in the New York with Emily, Lauren and Heather leading the charge for the ladies and J.P, Ant, and Andrew taking top spots on the Men’s side. Our male Rx athletes averaged 258 reps on 18.3. On the ladies’ side we saw the Rx females average 189 reps. 20 athletes were able to get atleast 1 single muscle-up (only 24{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of the gym).

Male Athletes


Average Reps - Men

Female Athletes


Average Reps - Women



Athletes Who Got atleast 1

Although there was a small drop-off in participation this week, both teams tied with 41 athletes each taking on 18.3.



Team Black


Team Grey


Team Grey showed up full force this week. With pom-poms, faces painted, and cheers as loud as the whirring jump ropes.


Not only did team grey dominate the spirit award this week, but they also took home 12 points versus team blacks 11 points in the podium category.



Rx Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Ant (Team Black)
2nd – Andrew (Team Black)
3rd – J.P. (Team Grey)

Rx Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)

1st – Tony (Team Grey)
2nd – Jon (Team Black)
3rd – Colin (Team Black)

Scaled Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Bryan (Team Black)
2nd – Kyaw (Team Grey)
3rd – Francisco (Team Grey)

Scaled Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Oren (Team Grey)
2nd – Frank (Team Grey)
3rd – Anderson (Team Grey)


Rx Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Emily (Team Black)
2nd – Lauren L (Team Black)
3rd – Heather (Team Black)

Rx Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)

1st –  Iulia (Team Grey)
2nd – jackie (Team Grey)
3rd – Fabiana (Team Grey)

Scaled Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Joanna (Team Black)
2nd – Beata (Team Black)
3rd – Gabrielle C (Team Grey)

Scaled Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Carolyn (Team Grey)
2nd – Alexandra (Team Grey)
3rd – Danielle (Team Black)

Team Black


Podium Spots

Team Grey


Podium Spots

Team Grey straight up dominated week 3.  Taking home 86 points and leaving team Black in the dust with just 82 points. Can Team Black regroup and bring home the win in week 4?


Week 3


Team Grey


Team Black



Team Grey



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