2023 CrossFit Open Week 2 Recap

2023 CrossFit Open Week 1 Recap
February 22, 2023
Weighted Training Vests
March 8, 2023

3…2…1… GO!


15 Minute Ladder

5 Burpee Pullups
10 50′ shuttle runs

…increase burpee pullups by 5 reps each round

23.2 B

5 Minutes To Establish a

1 Rep Max Thruster

Rx Athletes Week 2


of Athletes

Week 2 came and went in a flash. The couplet proved to be cardio heavy and we noticed a handful of new athletes close to the top of the leaderboard. However, these bodyweight ninjas had to also endure another 1 rep max challenge. We were once again presented with a max effort lift, this time in the form of a thruster. Although it wasn’t our intention to test two elements of strength across the 6 workouts, much like CrossFit we need to prepare for the unknown and unknowable.

An unprecedented number of athletes completed the workout as prescribed this week. 86% or 40 athletes took on the challenge of the burpee pullups.


Let’s take a look at how Week 2 played out. Our top Male athlete was Christos (4 points) and on the female side Amy (2 points).


Rx Men
1- Christos (2 points)
2- Nick (5 points)
3- Ant (15 points)


Rx Women
1- Amy (2 points)
2- Oryana (5 points)
3- Elaina (7 points)

Average Thruster Weight (Men)



Average Thruster Weight (Women)



Complete Leaderboard

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