2023 CrossFit Open Week 1 Recap

The 2023 SAVAGE Open
January 25, 2023
2023 CrossFit Open Week 2 Recap
March 2, 2023

3…2…1… GO!


14 Minute AMRAP
60 Calorie Row
50 Toes to Bar
40 Wallballs 20# / 14#
30 Cleans 135# / 95#
20 Ring Muscleups

23.1 B

6 Minutes To Establish a

1 Rep Max Power Clean

The Open is upon us.

Team Unleashed NYC



The CrossFit Open is upon us, and it has proven to be quite the experience so far. As a community we are off to a great start tackling a repeat workout from 2014. Let’s find out how we faired.

This year, for the second time ever, we have layered in our very own workout making each week even more grueling. Not only are we challenged with what CrossFit HQ has prepared for us but an equally, if not more devastating workout right after.


Let’s take a look at the standings after Week 1, our top Male athlete was Christos (2 points) and on the female side Elaina (3 points).


Rx Men
1- Christos (2 points)
2- Ant (4 points)
3- Jorge (8 points)


Rx Women
1- Elaina (3 points)
2- Oryana (6 points)
3- Jennifer (8 points)

RX Finishes for WOD 1



Number of Ring Muscleups completed



Complete Leaderboard

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