Membership Policies, Terms and Conditions Effective 2019

Monthly or prepaid memberships can be frozen, no longer than 1 month, for injury, pregnancy or birth, with a doctor’s note.
Monthly memberships without a contract can be canceled in writing 30 days prior to the next billing date by emailing info@crossfitUNLEASHED.com. From time to time, we may require you to reserve your space in classes (due to high demand). For these classes (i.e. SAVAGE Events), no shows are subject to a $20 cancellation fee. Unless otherwise stated, all memberships auto-renew with their original terms. Promotional memberships will auto-renew at the standard monthly rate for their purchased membership type. Members without a contract who wish to change their membership type may do so with 30 days’ notice written email to info@crossfitUNLEASHED.com Membership cancellation is FREE with a 30-day notice, otherwise it will be billed at 1-month (249+tax) to cancel. To cancel your membership agreement email INFO@CROSSFITUNLEASHED.com We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time. Cancellations are not subject to refunds.
All members are required to check in at the front desk using the computer any time they attend a class or open gym.
CrossFit UNLEASHED encourages you to bring friends, relatives and business associates to check out our box. There will be dedicated times and future promotional events to which members can invite guests for regular workouts based on their skills and interests. Please inform the Front Desk for a guest pass. Guests are also encouraged to attend Free Trials.
Minors Under 15: May not use CrossFit UNLEASHED facilities unless they are in a kid’s program. Minors 15 - 17: May use CrossFit UNLEASHED facilities without being accompanied by a parent or guardian if the minor is a member or a guest and their parent or guardian signed the proper paperwork and the membership agreement. CrossFit UNLEASHED reserves the right, in its discretion, to require that a parent or guardian accompany a minor.
Members who currently have a previously offered discount, provided there has not been a break in billing except for an approved hold, will continue at that price for the duration of their membership at CrossFit UNLEASHED. This excludes promotional offers. Due to the nature of our already low prices, we regret that besides our current promotional pricing, no additional membership discounts are given. If you are former or active Police, Military, or Firefighter, please contact the front desk before making a purchase for special military pricing.
CrossFit UNLEASHED offers multiple membership types, which each have specific benefits. CrossFit UNLEASHED has the right to change these at any time. Members that have memberships that are no longer available are not required to change their membership, nor do they lose any of their original benefits. If at any point, however, members with discontinued memberships choose to cancel their membership, they are subject to current pricing if and when they choose to rejoin, unless otherwise stated.
Our Off Peak classes are subject to change based on attendance and popularity. Visit the class schedule page to see which classes are predesignated OFFPEAK. Any changes to OFFPEAK status will be emailed 30 days prior to updating to give you ample opportunity to adjust your membership accordingly.