Ivan Pelaez

Ivan Peláez is multifaceted coach and fitness enthusiast with a passion for pushing boundaries and unlocking human potential, with a diverse background in various physical disciplines and holistic practices, he brings a unique and holistic approach to fitness coaching.
A Level One CrossFit Certified Coach, Ivan has dedicated countless hours to mastering the fundamentals of functional fitness. Crossfit is just the tip of the iceberg in a fitness journey that spans across multiple disciplines and his dedication to fitness is matched only by his commitment to continuous learning.
In addition to CrossFit, Ivan is a certified Skanda Yoga instructor, a practice that blends strength, flexibility, and mindfulness into a harmonious practice. His yoga journey has allowed him to cultivate a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, which he brings to his teachings in his yearly yoga retreats in Asia.
But that's not all, Ivan is also a Purple Belt in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which include JKD, Kali, BJJ, Muay Thai, Panatukan, Silat and Savat, showcasing a dedication to combat sports. This experience has honed his discipline, mental toughness, and versatility, all of which are invaluable qualities he brings to his classes.
Venturing further into the realm of movement and expression, Ivan has an Orange Cord in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that seamlessly combines acrobatics, dance, and music, giving a dynamic flair to his coaching methods.
It doesn't stop at ground-level activities. He has also explored into the world of aerial arts, with trapeze and aerial-silks skills, knowledge that not only enhances his own physical abilities but allows him to introduce unique elements of strength, balance, and creativity into his coaching sessions.
Beyond physical fitness, Ivan has explored the world of holistic wellness as a member of Condor Blanco, a holistic and transformative group where he has delved into various holistic practices, including walking on fire, temazcals (sweat lodge ceremonies), Dharmi (conscious leadership), traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and Aura-Soma, and Ayahuasca among others. These experiences have broadened Ivan’s understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and his ability to help clients achieve holistic well-being.

In civilian life, Ivan is not only a dedicated fitness coach but also a highly accomplished real estate broker, specializing in the vibrant markets of New York City and Miami.With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen eye for opportunities, he navigates the dynamic world of real estate, helping clients find their dream homes and investment properties in these iconic cities. Whether it's sculpting bodies or securing prime real estate, Ivan is a true expert in both domains, driven by a passion for guiding individuals toward success in their respective journeys.

With a diverse skill set and a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential, Ivan is more than a fitness coach; he is a willing and knowledgeable guide on a journey toward physical and spiritual growth. Whether you're looking to transform your fitness, find balance through yoga, explore martial arts, or spade into holistic practices, Ivan is the coach who can help you achieve your goals and unlock your true potential.

Favorite Hero workout is Annie First CF workout was too long ago to remember but there was running for sure.
Favorite music artist Madonna
Favorite Movie is The Fifth Element
Favorite CF move is Muscle Ups
Least favorite CF move is Dead Lifts