Tony Bendinelli

Tony’s CrossFit career began back in 2012, when walking around the Ditmars area of Astoria. Tired of a globo gym routine, yet not a clue what this CrossFit was, he decided to give it a shot. Soon after his first WOD, he was hooked.

He took his L-1 Certification the weekend of his 39th birthday, to learn more about CrossFit, its methodologies, and its culture. A few months after joining CrossFit, Tony was presented with the opportunity to coach Foundations. Due to a full-time position as Director of Events at Cloud Catering & Events, Tony’s coaching availability is limited, but the opportunity presented to him by Coach Ant has been life changing.

Tony is dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for our members, just as he’s seen the benefits of CrossFit in his own life and nothing brings him more joy than seeing athletes progress in their training, building skills and strength, while working to achieve their personal goals.
Hometown: San Angelo, TX

Certifications: CrossFit L-2 Trainer
CrossFit gymnastics trainer, CrossFit Kettlebell trainer.
CrossFitter Since: 2012
First WOD: Annie
Favorite WOD: Isabel
Favorite Vocal Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Instagram: @tony3120