The 2020 Open Cycle

Sunday, October 6 2019
October 5, 2019
Monday, October 7 2019
October 6, 2019

Monday 10/7 to Sunday 11/10

CrossFit Open is Upon Us
By Coach Ant

In case you didn’t know… We are not an exercise class, we are a training program. The best way to describe our training philosophy is to draw parallels to a Martial Arts program. Members enter as a white belt and over time learn the skills and movements necessary to progress. We incorporate those skills and movements into our workouts, challenging both the novice and expert Crossfitter. The more skills you learn, the more varied the program becomes, and the more fitness you can acquire. Each workout needs to be performed at 100% relative intensity, putting every once of effort into each workout of the day. 

“Be Impressed By Intensity, Not Volume”

Coach Glassman

For More Info Read the CrossFit Journal Article “No Intensity, No Results”

Here at CrossFit Unleashed we put a lot of thought and care into our training program. Our programs are cyclical and we are always training with a purpose. Each workout in a cycle builds upon the previous weeks, the strength is often percentage based and incrementally increased over time. Athletes are expected to know their numbers and work on their skills. We often test benchmarks for the purpose of measuring our fitness and revisit them for the purpose of measuring our improvement. The CrossFit OPEN is our annual opportunity to test our fitness and see where we stand. As such, it’s expected that everyone participate, otherwise you are taking a training program and turning into an exercise class, and I’ll be the first to tell you… that won’t get you anywhere.  

For the next 5 weeks, our cycle will focus on competing and measuring our fitness. For some we will hit new personal bests and perhaps even some firsts,… first muscle-up, first toes to bar, first double under. The training volume will be significantly reduced and we will expect athletes to push their intensity past their comfort zone. 

If you leave a class during this cycle with a feeling of “that’s it?”, you failed yourself, you didn’t push yourself to your limit, your workout took too long, you rested too much, go faster. As your coach I can only lay down the tracks through a rigorous training program and guide you using cues and progressions. As an athlete you must push yourself if you truly want to succeed. 

To get the most out of the next 5 weeks you need to leave it all on the floor during each and every class. This mindset holds true for every single CrossFit WOD, but should be emphasized more so during this training cycle. 

We won’t see the OPEN again until October of 2020, so I urge each and every one of you to take the time to sign up, measure your fitness and set your goals for the upcoming training year. This will set you up for success over the course of the next 12 months of training.


     OLY classes will be removed, 730pm Tuesday/Thurs will be a CrossFit Class.

      Much like every year, there will be no programmed workout on Fridays. Instead every class of the day will tackle the CrossFit OPEN workout that CrossFit releases,  judged by a peer or official judge. Classes are only available for athletes officially registered for the CrossFit OPEN.
Not interested in the OPEN? Plan your rest day for Fridays. 

      9/10/11am classes will all be STRONG/ENDURANCE classes. Long form endurance WOD with a odd object emphasis, pull, push, carry, heavyAF. 
      Open Gym is cancelled. Join us for the CrossFit OPEN workouts. We will run heats of 6-10 athletes depending on the workout CrossFit releases. Start times will vary, and athletes will be expected to register for the Heat they wish to participate in. Think of it as a mini-savage each and every week.


Friday 10/11 – Kettlebell Kitchen Tasting    Kettlebell Kitchen will be sponsoring Week 1 of the CrossFit OPEN at CrossFit UNLEASHED. Come compete and grab some free samples post workout. 

Breast Cancer FundraiserSunday 10/20 – Wear Pink, Raise Money For BCRF more info coming soon.

Friday 10/25 Halloween Costume WOD + SocialSunday 10/27 Costume OPEN WOD

Sun 11/3 – Clock Back Throwback. 90’s Theme OPEN WOD

Sun 11/10 – End of OPEN Social at Boro Hotel 


Friday 10/11 – First Day of the OPEN
       All AM Classes Cancelled, come join us Friday evening for our first CrossFit OPEN workout

Mon 10/14 – Columbus Day
        Weekend Schedule 9/10/11 

Mon 11/11 – Veterans Day
Weekend Schedule 9/10/11