Strength and Skill with Bodyweight

Mobility stretches and warmups Third world squat Shoulder dislocates (use a stick) Plank and pushup walkups 25 pushups, 25 different hand positions Workout suggestions Treat all of these as you would a typical strength workout – focus on total force applied, technique, and adequate rest between sets.
  Pose running drills: Karaokes Wall drill Stable arm drill Butt kicks Exaggerated forward lunge Partner falling drill Charlie’s Angels drill Leaning forward hopping Timed runs at particular cadences Pistols 5x max on each leg. Rest after you’ve maxed on both legs. After each set, grab a heavier object to increase the load.   Pistol jumps 8×1 onto a box/bench/other object. Rest after you’ve done each leg once. Increase height of object after each successful jump.   Handstand pushups 5×5. Scale range of motion as necessary. Be sure to keep spine straight to avoid injury. On each successful set, increase the range of motion by using cement blocks, stack of books, or parallettes.
Gymnastics skills to practice: Tumbling L­sit from ground, bar, and rings Pistols Muscle ups, on rings and bar Planche and planche pushup Handstands, chair handstands Press to handstand Human flag Elbow lever Front lever, on rings or bar Back lever, on rings or bar Iron Cross, on rings Maltese cross, on rings Kip­ups Back flips, front flip   Athletics skills to develop: vertical leap long jump, triple jump high jump sprint starts Spend 30 minutes working on one of the skills and the appropriate progression exercises in the list to the left.   With an appropriate­sized partner, hoist him/her on your back, do 10 squats, run 100m, and do 10 squats. Repeat for 6 rounds with rest after each round.   6 sets of max chest­to­bar deadhang pullups. Touch bar lower on the chest or on abdomen for a heavier stimulus.   Pick a difficult pushup standard and do 50 in any rep scheme you wish. Examples include planche, clapping, chest­slapping, double­ clapping, clap  behind­the­back, clap­in­front­ and­behind­the­back, triple­clapping, one­armed, and one­armed­one­legged.   Do 15 sets of box jumps for height. Since this is a power test, it can sub an O­lifting session.
  Do 6 sets of 100m sprints. Rest as needed after each sprint, up to 8 minutes if necessary. Treat this in your programming as a power workout.