Reservation Policy Update – 1/21/22

The 2022 CrossFit Open
January 11, 2022
The 2022 SAVAGE Open
February 25, 2022

Reservation Policy Update

Friday February 21, 2022

As you may have heard we have begun bringing back specialty programs to UNLEASHED. Programs such as POWER, FLOW, COMPETE are just the beginning, and with the new programs comes important changes to our reservation policy.

We are pleased to announce we have ditched one of our COVID restrictions limiting athletes to multiple programs and that athletes can now reserve multiple classes across all our different programs. This means you can save yourself a spot in our busy 9AM CROSSFIT class but also a spot in FLOW at 10AM.

Why a Reservation System?

  1. It lets our coach know who will be attending so they can plan heats, stations, partner people up accordingly, and effectively structure the workout. Walking in late or unannounced impacts the class for everyone.
  2. Secures your spot for peak class hours.

Sign in to Avoid No-Show Fees

The sign-in process has and always will be the athletes responsibility.

We will no longer refund athletes for being forgetful. WODIFY crashing will be the only exception we are making to this policy. You can sign into class via your phone as you walk up the block or on the admin screen at the entrance. Our coaches will do their best to monitor the admin panel and remind athletes to sign-in before class begins but at the end of the day it is the athlete who is responsible for signing in and for logging their scores. The price for “No-Showing” to class is $5, it is not intended to be a revenue stream but instead a nuisance fee to ensure athletes are sticking to the policy.


Our waitlist is a valuable tool that will let you reserve a peak class hour and sit in standby for someone to drop their reservation. When a slot opens up you will receive an email notification, follow the instructions to secure your spot in the class. The emails will go out in the order that you reserved, if you are waitlisted first then you get first dibs.

Remember to Cancel Your Reservation

Athletes can cancel their reservation up until the end of class to avoid the fee. However, keep in mind that holding onto a reservation and not showing up will lock someone else out of attending that class.


Shame, shame on you. We ask that you arrive to class early so you can settle in and be ready to begin on the hour. We understand that NYC is unpredictable, the subway, parking, and getting stuck at the office late can have an effect on you showing up on time. A one off will be met with snark, constant lateness is a sign of lack of consideration for the coach and staff.

We have created a warmup / cooldown area outside of the WOD area so that athletes have an incentive to arrive early. Please don’t just sit in this area chatting, actively use the space or wait up front by the lockers. When ask that when class is over you please clear out the main WOD space and move up to the cooldown area in the front.

Members who are 10 minutes or more late will be asked to wait for the next class.

Couple minutes late? The warmup is typically written on the board, quietly enter the WOD area, find a station and start moving. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also you should seriously consider punishing yourself with burpees.

Key Reservation System Changes

  • Reservation Opens 7 Days Prior to a class
    • Best practice is to check out the workouts SUNDAY night when they are released and reserve all your classes in advance.
  • Reservation now closes 15 minutes prior to class beginning (previously 1-hr) *exception 5am classes.
    • No more walking in unannounced, you can reserve all the way up to 15 minutes prior to class starting.
    • For 5AM – If nobody is reserved the night before it saves our 5AM Coaches the hassle and headache of commuting to work for a class with no athletes.
  • Athletes can reserve for multiple programs per day.
    • This is intended to be used for multiple programs such as CROSSFIT, POWER, EVENTS, FLOW.
  • Classes with no reservations within 8-hours of the class will automatically be cancelled. (12 hours for 5AM)

These changes are contingent on our community respecting our coaches and each others time. Meaning, now that our reservation window is closer to class it is important that you


Reserve in advance (opens 7 days in advance, closes 15 minutes before class), Sign-in on your own to avoid fees, you can reserve multiple slots across multiple programs, don’t be late we hate that.