May 1st is fast approaching and with that we have wonderful news to share with you.

The gym is slated to reopen on May 15th with a limited schedule and some changes to abide with the state guidelines and most importantly, keep you safe and healthy.

What does this mean for you?
Effective May 1st, your WODIFY memberships will be cancelled. You will not have a pending invoice or be billed. No need to email to cancel. We will no longer be using WODIFY, so start pulling all your workout info out of there and jotting it down or transferring it to Beyond The Whiteboard (as per our previous email).

Starting May 15th, you will need a membership to come to UNLEASHED. You have two options, A) UNLIMITED ACCESS $215+tax/month B) 12 classes/month ACCESS $185+tax. 

Your May Bill will be prorated for the 15 days of the month and you will be billed the full amount on the 1st on June

Please note: We will no longer be honoring any pre-sold memberships, punch cards, discounts, or deals going forward. Everyone will be on the same price structure for the foreseeable future. 

Why are the rates increasing?
Our rates increase on a yearly basis as does our rent and operating expenses. Full transparency and honesty, the rates need to go up due to the drastic drop-off of members, it was sad and disheartening to see so many leave and we anticipate most will not be able to return for quite some time. This coupled with the high cost of operating the business in conjunction with 2 months of lost revenue and zero assistance from the government put us in a position where we need to generate income in order to pay staff, operate our business and survive. The community needs to understand that in order to keep the gym going the remaining members and all future members rates will have to increase.

Why switch from WODIFY now?
WODIFY made a last minute change to their processing policy that severely affected affiliates, including us. The money we were billing you was removed from your credit cards instantly, however it was being withheld for 14 days from us, this put us in a difficult financial position. You cannot run a business with monthly expenses on a drastic credit card processing lag. WODIFY tried to save themselves money and make a little money during this crisis at the expense of affiliates, and we cannot associate ourselves with this company any longer. 

Why are we seeing Open Access hours and not structured classes?
Once again, full transparency.  Due to safety reasons and our inability to staff the facility and pay for instructors we have opted for an open access style membership until at least July 1st. Our coaches have been moved to desk duties to help manage sign ins, sell merchandise, and answer any questions you may have about the workout. Additionally, it will keep our staff at a safe distance from our members during the day. High volume exposure to people during this crisis puts our staff at risk and we want to mitigate that risk as much as possible.

Why are there less class options and smaller class sizes?
Classroom sizes are shrinking to accommodate with social distancing guidelines and keep members at a safe distance apart from each other. Strong, OLY, Open Gym, and Endurance classes are cancelled indefinitely. We are reducing the number of classes due to our inability to staff the facility. When more members join we will be able to increase the number of hours, when social distancing guidelines are relaxed we will be able to expand class sizes and eventually bring back speciality classes. 

What about the online classes?
FREE! We will continue to program online classes with a different schedule starting Monday April 27th and we will continue programming online classes through atleast July 1st to assist those athletes who are still unsure about returning to the gym during this crisis. The schedule of online classes may shrink a bit after our opening in May, we will keep you updated on the full schedule as it changes. 

Monday – Saturday 
Solo RUN
    Our daily running program. 

Mon / Wed / Fri 
Kallie Abs
At-Home WOD 

Strong  At-Home 

What about the equipment I rented?
We need this back, We will give you from May 1st to May 5th to schedule a time to return the equipment. Us reopening hinges on our ability to keep the facility equipped. We ask that you return the equipment in a timely manner to avoid late fees. 

What changes can I expect to see at the gym? 
For the foreseeable future and until the social distancing guidelines are relaxed we will be running an “At Your Own Pace CrossFit Class” 6 days a week, with 43 hours to reserve. Athletes must reserve their time slot and cannot stay past the allotted time.  A no-show fee will be strictly enforced due to space limitations. Regardless of if you show up with someone, we will fill the facility by placing people at the furthest possible stations and ask that you stay in your area and only wander out to use the restroom or request help from the front desk. Follow all floor markings and give people their space.

 Please understand, just because you’ve been self quarantined with someone and you know that you are safe from COVID, doesn’t mean everyone else knows that. We are trying to create a safe space where people don’t have to wonder or worry and instead can focus on fitness in safety. Abide by the rules for the hour a day you are here, respect those around you, respect our staff and our safety until we get the green light to relax the rules this will be our new normal.

How will the “At Your Own Pace CrossFit Class” look? 
We are putting together a video that will show you the flow of the new setup and sign-in. 
When you arrive at the gym to check in, the staff will assign you a station for the workout of the day. Each station will have ALL the equipment necessary to complete the prescribed work. In addition you can perform accessory work within your area using only the equipment that is available. 

If you have any questions about the workout of the day you can email us prior to coming or you can ask one of the assigned desk staff for clarification. 

All you need to bring is workout clothes, gym bag, water bottle, timer (cell phone), and a music source.

How do you plan on keeping us safe? 
Here is a list of some of the precautions we are making
– Equipment that cannot be divided evenly between all the stations will be stored away (i.e. GHD situps, tires, etc) This is to limit multiple people touching a single piece of equipment throughout the day. 
– Your workout space will be clearly marked and you will have at least 64 sq ft. of space available to workout while maintaining social distancing. 
– Each station will have a barbell, plates, dumbbells, kettlebell, and other additional equipment, there will be no need to wander around the gym. If you need a further scaled weight you can request it at the front desk. 
– If you are presenting a fever or are symptomatic we will ask you to leave.
– You are required to wear a face covering over your MOUTH AND NOSE, there are no exceptions. This means even in the midst of a workout. 
– Taped 6′ markings will be placed down for the line to the bathrooms
– Taped 6′ markings will be placed down for the line to the front desk
– Taped 6′ markings will be placed down for the line to the changing rooms
– All beverages and food must be purchased thru the front desk, this is to avoid multiple people touching the fridges throughout the day. 
– Locker room area changes: We ask that you sign in first, then head to your locker or cubby. Only 4 people will be allowed into the athlete locker room area at a time. Grab your items and head to your station.
– It would be smart to change into workout apparel prior to coming to the gym to avoid waiting on line for the changing rooms. 
– We will no longer allow bikes inside the facility, please bring a bike lock and secure your bike outside.
– Music will be played at a light level, if you need loud music to workout to, we suggest bringing your own headphones. 

When will we return to normal?
This may be the new normal for quite some time if not forever. In a perfect situation this will continue until July 1st at which point the restrictions would be relaxed and we can return to a large class setting. However, let’s focus on doing this the right way for as long as we need to. 

A Message From Coach Ant,

It is my hope that each and every one of you can understand that we are focused on your health and safety first and foremost. We want to give you an outlet outside your home to exercise but we must abide by the rules and continue to keep you safe and healthy.

I spoke about this in detail in my stream but you will see gyms returning to normal much sooner, they will gamble with their members safety, and will avoid following precautions and state mandated guidelines. We will not risk your safety by skirting the rules and putting you in harm’s way, nor do we want to do that to our staff. 

We need to fight the urge to walk up to people, touch them, hug them, and socialize at close distances. Please, respect people’s personal space. Just because you feel comfortable or because you think you are immune doesn’t mean everyone else feels comfortable with your lackadaisical behavior. Some members have elderly parents at home, some have auto immune diseases, some have small children at home. Some people don’t want to worry about why you aren’t wearing a mask while they try to unplug and unwind at the gym. We are trying to create a space for people to escape the worry and the confines of their homes. 

The hardest thing about these guidelines is the limiting of community and socialization, a staple of CrossFit. If our quarantine time has taught us anything, it is that socializing and community can continue via facetime and facebook. We have created stronger bonds through our quarantine and there will hopefully be a light at the end of the tunnel for these restrictions and distancing rules. 

I urge the entire UNLEASHED community to bear with these changes, understand we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.

I’ve had incredible empathy towards those who’ve lost their jobs, I’ve done everything I can to make things easier for those who’ve been hit hardest. I’ve waived policies, issued refunds, and processed countless cancellations over the last couple months, I’ll continue to go above and beyond to keep churning out workouts and content for free for those who have dropped due to financial hardships. We understand, because Unleashed and my family have been hit incredibly hard by this shutdown as well. We haven’t received a single dime of assistance from the government or banks. CrossFit fundraiser has yet to release any of the money they took from our community which is also very disheartening. In all honesty, we feel abandoned and with each passing day, the faint promises of help are fading away.

If everyone was able to give a little we would be fighting this from a different position. However, that is not the case and I need our community now more than ever. I’m asking for maximum participation and membership in order to survive the coming months. You may be reading this and thinking, well I did my part, and yes perhaps you have, and for that I am grateful, but for the community as a whole, we cannot weather this storm on the kindness of a few. We have lost far too many and taken far too great a hit and I ask that each and every one of you consider signing up again. Take a good honest look at how you’ve been spending your money during the quarantine and ask yourself, is a boozebag from the local bar, a nonessential rush delivered amazon package, an outfit from an instagram ad, more important than paying to keep that clubhouse you call home open and waiting for when things return to normal. 

We will adapt and overcome.