Membership Changes

Announcing our Loyalty Program
December 17, 2019
Wednesday, December 18 2019
December 17, 2019

2x / 3x a Week Membership Packages

Our 2 class/week and 3 class/week membership packages have changed… for the better!

Going forward the “2 class a week” will be “8 class/month” and the “3 class a week” will be “12 class/month” packages.

Athletes who travel for work or vacation can now make up their sessions when they get back. You can attended more classes per week but be mindful of how many sessions you have remaining!

Athletes need to be careful signing into class, if you accidentally sign in to a different class at the front of the gym and the coach signs you into the correct class you have effectively lost 2 sessions that day. Also note that if you attend a 9am endurance Saturday and stay for the 10am we will be strictly enforcing our class session policy and they will count towards your monthly class count. Open gym blocks will count towards your class sessions and are no longer included in 8 class/12 class memberships.

*Class count does not carry over to the next month. Your sessions will expire on the last day of your billing cycle.