Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

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Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
By Matt W.

The most valuable thing to do during days of high heat and humidity is to watch your breathing, sweating, behavior, and mental status.  If you are a coach, ensure you are asking your athletes questions, remind them to drink when they are thirsty, discuss the possibility of scaling workouts during extreme heat (especially important for overweight athletes, and for older athletes).  Lastly, make sure they have eaten leading up to their class or are planning on eating soon after.

Whether you are a client or a coach, you should familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of heat related emergencies.



– Fluid/salt loss through sweating
– Cramps
– Hot, flushed, wet skin (still sweating)
– Usually found in legs and abdomen


– Total body weakness, dizziness, altered mental status, rapid heart rate
– Hot, flushed, moist/sticky skin
– Rapid, shallow breathing


– Body has lost ability to compensate and cool itself
– Life threatening
– Hot, flushed, dry skin
– Unresponsive
– Seizures



– Remove from hot environment
– Cool by fanning


– Place ice packs where arteries are closest to the skin
– Neck, armpits, groin
– Be careful not to cool down too rapidly
– If they start to shiver it will create more body heat
– Call 911


Prevention is the key to ensuring safety during activity. Consider pacing and scaling the intensity of the workout, wearing weather appropriate clothing, applying sunscreen for outdoor workouts, and hydrating to replace lost electrolytes.


-Daily water intake
      -men : 125 oz
      -women : 96 oz

– For every 15 minutes of exercise, increase fluid intake by 5-10 oz
– Water intake comes from foods you eat also, not solely from drinking water
– Replace salts/minerals lost in your sweat
– Take in enough sodium and enough carbohydrates to synthesize the sodium
– Do not over-hydrate (hyponatremia)
– There is such a thing as drinking too much water
– Common myth of urine should be clear is incorrect
– You can lose more salt/minerals your body needs by drinking too much fluid

Hydration Myths