CrossFit Open 19.5 Recap

2019 CrossFit Open Individual Winners
March 25, 2019
Tuesday, March 26 2019
March 25, 2019

CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym

Workout 19.5

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
95-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

Fight to the Finish

Number of Rx Athletes



The open ends where it began, with, for most of us, a 20 minute workout. Once again we see thrusters at the capstone of the open. We’ve seen several different variations of thruster workouts before; the most devastating that comes to mind is 27-21-15-9 thrusters and calories, or the infamous 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 burpees and thrusters. This year they’ve pushed the threshold with a total of 105 thrusters coupled with 105 chest to bar pullups in what appears to be a “Fran” on steroids. 63 Men and 58 Women took on the challenge, but only 11 athletes were able to finish 19.5 within the time cap.


Number of Athletes who Finished 19point5

Our top scores this week came from Victor who finished all 210 reps in 17:01 and Lauren who had the top overall score with a finish time of 16:33.



Atleast 1 HSPU



Atleast 1 HSPU

Top Score


Rx Men

Top Score


Rx Women


The CrossFit Open is beginning to weigh on athletes. As happens each and every year, the workouts in the open become progressively more high skilled and challenging and we start to see athletes drop off. We offer ample opportunities for athletes to tackle the workouts yet they are nowhere to be found. Although, some athletes have valid excuses, the vast majority are avoiding the workouts because of the movements. Let’s hope the Team Captains can ratchet down the participation and get everyone back in for the last 2 weeks. 82{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of Team Black performed the workout this week. 77{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of Team Grey performed the workout.


Team Black


Team Grey


Team black took to childish name calling, creating posters that made fools of the Grey Team leaders, and although accurate and funny was costly in the spirit department. Team black coordinated a S&M theme to their final week, perhaps because they felt they were spanking Team Grey in the standings but we’ll never know. Team Black could barely rally more than a handful of athletes to garner leather and whips and fell flat in the spirit award once again.


When it’s all said and done, the fittest team will win. This week we had a secret Fitness Challenge to determine which team would accumulate the most reps for 19.5. Team Black managed to accumulate 7,677 reps of thrusters and pullups compared to 6,041 for Team Grey.


Team Black


Team Grey


The Men’s leaderboard had an interesting problem this week… not a single athlete in the Open or Master divisions went scaled, meaning we had no points to give out on the Men’s side. This was a huge problem for Team Grey who capitalized weekly on winning the master/open scaled division. Overall the Podium points went to Team Black this week with a decisive 12-6 victory.


Rx Men
1- Victor (B)
2- Danny (G)
3- lee (B)

Scale Men

Rx Master Men
1- Colin (B)
2- Nick (B)
3- Tommy (B)

Scale Master Men


Rx Women
1- Lauren (B)
2- Emily (B)
3- Diana (G)

Scale Women
1- Alexa (B)
2- Kelly (B)
3- Laura R (B)

Rx Master Women
1- Jess (B)
2- Jackie (G)
3- Lisa (B)

Scale Master Women
1- Camile (G)
2- Julie (G)
3- Luana (G)

Team Black


Podium Spots

Team Grey


Podium Spots

And The Winner Is…

Week 5 is in the books and Team Black took week 5 with a score of 22 – 11. They managed to hold off Team Grey from a comeback thus securing their second CrossFit Open victory in a row. Team Grey put forth a valiant effort. Grey capitalized on the bland and boring spirit of Team Black, sweeping spirit points week after week. However, Team Black showed Team Grey that you can’t just cheer and win you have to put in the hard work and earn those fitness and podium points.

Week 1 Winner


Team Black


Total Points


Team Black

Total Points


Team Grey

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