CrossFit Open 19.1 Recap

Thursday, February 28 2019
February 27, 2019
Saturday, March 2 2019
March 1, 2019

CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym

Workout 19.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
19 wall-ball shots
19-cal. row

Men throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target

The Open is upon us.

Team CrossFit



What an unbelievable start to the 2019 season. We have a total of 120 athletes competing in the CrossFit Open at CrossFit. This year marks the biggest year in participation and we started off strong with 95{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of the registered athletes completing workout 19.1. Dave Castro and CrossFit HQ set out to crush our spirits early with a simple couplet that left nearly everyone gasping for air on the floor of the gym. Nearly every athlete completed this workout as prescribed. 99{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of male athletes and 95{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of female athletes took on 19.1 Rx.


Number of Male Athletes Who Went Rx


Number of Female Athletes Who Went Rx

Our top Male score was 361 reps by Jorge and on the female side Lauren finished with 285 reps. Our Rx Podium was a pretty tight race with a tie for third. Men’s side included Jorge, Zach, Victor and Mike and on the ladies side, Lauren, Laura, and Francesca.

Team Black


Average Reps Rx Men

Team Black


Average Reps Rx Women

Top Score


Rx Men

Top Score


Rx Women


Participation was at an all time high in week one, but don’t be complacent because we always start off strong in the beginning. Team Black had 56 athletes (92{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023}) complete 19.1 while Team Grey had 57 athletes (97{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023}) complete 19.1.


Team Black


Team Grey

This year participation isn’t as cut and dry as which team had the most athletes compete. We’ve layered in objectives for the Team Captains to complete. However, team leaders were tasked with delivering the best Team photo and I can honestly say with 50{1940372cbfdcb8bf807c3b02a8561d6fffe36d3bf98756e2cd8b81c68f409023} of the Team not in attendance for both sides, both teams failed miserably with their tasks calling into question our choices for team leaders. Despite the terrible performance from our Team Captains in this challenge, I’ve decided to award points solely based athlete participation for this week. Team Grey had nearly every athlete complete the workout, so the points went to them.


Spirit points are always a contested subject, subjective, perhaps, but when you see a team out scream, out cheer, and organize better than another, it’s hard to discount the effort and choosing becomes easy. Last year we tied for Week 1 because both teams were electric heading into week 1, however this week we had a clear cut winner with Team Black, they dominated instagram Stories with an endless barrage of goblet squat videos with fun objects, and gathered around nearly every night to do their goblet squats in a circle before and after class.


Fitness Challenge 1 had our teams trying to accumulate as many goblet squats as possible. Teams took a fun twist on the challenge by grabbing odd objects around the office, at home, even on vacation. After all the dust settled it was obvious that Team black was the winner of this weeks fitness challenge with 10,548 cumulative goblet squats.


Team Black


Team Grey


Despite Team Black earning the spirit points, Team Grey crushed the podium in week 1. Keep in mind, to secure a podium spot, you must show up to compete during the official competition times. This is to ensure we have a fun and exciting competition full of spectators, where the nerves and the stakes are higher and an athlete, although allowed to, cannot repeat the workout off peak hours and knock someone off the podium.


Rx Men
1- Jorge (G)
2- Zach (G)
3- Mike (B) & Victor (B)

Scale Men
1- Sandeep (G)

Rx Master Men
1- Colin (B)
2- Tony (G)
3- Johnny (G)


Rx Women
1- Lauren (B)
2- Francesca (G)
3- Laura (B)

Scale Women
1- Cam (G)
2- Kaitlin (B)
3- Kat (G)

Rx Master Women
1- Jess P (B)
2- Gabby A (G)
3- Ilya (G)

Team Black


Podium Spots

Team Grey


Podium Spots

And The Winner Is…

Overall, Team Black squeaked out the W, with a score of 17 – 15. How will the leaderboard shake up next week with the release of 19.2?

Week 1 Winner


Team Black

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