2020 CrossFit OPEN Week 1 Results

Monday, October 14 2019
October 13, 2019
Tuesday, October 15 2019
October 14, 2019

Week 1 Results are in:

67% of our competitors submitted scores for Week 1
94% of athletes went Rx for Week 1

Top 3 Men
Victor (Team Grey)
Zach (Team Grey)
Marco (Team Black)

Top 3 Women
Gabby A (Team Black)
Lauren L (Team Black)
Mollie (Team Grey)


Average Scores RX (1 point)
Team Black – 138 Reps RX
Team Grey – 130 Reps RX

Average Scores Scale (1 point)
Team Black – 101.5 Reps Scale
Team Grey – 72 Reps Scale

Participation (1 Point)
Black – 29 Scores submitted out of 36 athletes 80%
Grey – 22 Scores Submitted out of 40 athletes 55%
Week 1 Results
Team Black – 3 Points
Team Grey – 0

Victor RheeMan OPENTeam GreyRX18013:481
Zach FiegelMan OPENTeam GreyRX18013:542
Marco SanchezMan OPENTeam BlackRX18014:153
Danny VegaMan OPENTeam GreyRx18014:354
Colin Vaughn-CaseyMan 35-39Team BlackRX17615:009+145
Andrew RoseMan OPENTeam BlackRX17115:006
Tony BendinelliMan 40-44Team BlackRX16915:009+77
Nicholas RoubanisMan 40-44Team BlackRX16415:008
Jon Vaughn-CaseyMan 35-39Team BlackRX16215:0099
Hai TranMan 35-39Team BlackRX15615:008+1210
Ivan PelaezMan 45-49Team BlackRX14715:008+311
LonMan 45-49Team BlackRX14515:008+112
Brian DohertyMan OPENTeam GreyRX13815:0013
KyawMan OPENTeam GreyRX13815:0013
Manny BustosMan 35-39Team BlackRX13515:007+915
Bryan LozanoMan OPENTeam Greyrx13415:0016
Anthony ConteMan 35-39Team BlackRX13115:007+517
Evaristo CorredorMan OPENTeam GreyRX13015:007+418
Isaiah BentMan 35-39Team BlackRX12815:007+219
RobertoMan 35-39Team BlackRX12815:0019
Ray YuenMan 35-39Team BlackRX12715:007+121
Matt ScanlonMan 45-49Team BlackRX12615:0022
DarrenMan OPENTeam GreyRX12615:00722
OrenMan 40-44Team BlackRX11615:0024
Adam MaldonadoMan OPENTeam Blackrx11415:006+625
Jimmy DumancelaMan OPENTeam GreyRX11215:0026
Andrew WilliamsMan 35-39Team BlackRX9815:0027
HassanMan OPENTeam GreyRX8015:004+828
SandeepMan 35-39Team BlackRX7215:00429
Will IMan 35-39Team Blackscale11115:006+330
Alan BarretoMan 35-39Team Black31
ClintMan 35-39Team Black31
John MaldonadoMan OPENTeam Black31
Matt WaldronMan 35-39Team Black31
Richard PandoMan 40-44Team Black31
Tommy BrunhuberMan 40-44Team Black31
George FontanillaMan OPENTeam Grey31
George TMan OPENTeam Grey31
Jason ZMan OPENTeam Grey31
Kenneth WongMan OPENTeam Grey31
Kris HMan OPENTeam Grey31
Matt RogersMan OPENTeam Grey31
Moh LMan OPENTeam Grey31
Mohamed LotfyMan OPENTeam Grey31


Gaby AWoman35-39Team BlackRX18014:271
Lauren LelliWomanOPENTeam BlackRX18014:312
Mollie EcheverriaWomanOPENTeam GreyRX15315:008+93
Francesca EichmannWomanOPENTeam GreyRX15215:004
Diana CerqueraWomanOPENTeam GreyRX14515:008+15
Iulia FilimonWoman35-39Team BlackRX13815:006
AlexisWomanOPENTeam GreyRX13415:007
Yoselyn EspinozaWoman40-44Team BlackRX13115:0078
Coleen BrunhuberWoman40-44Team BlackRX13015:007+49
Beata DemczukWoman35-39Team BlackRX12715:0010
Stephanie VerdecchiaWomanOPENTeam GreyRX12415:007+1111
Lauren BWomanOPENTeam GreyRX11615:006+812
Kelly CocuzzaWomanOPENTeam GreyRX11415:0013
Monica HerreraWoman35-39Team BlackRX10815:00614
Deanna KellyWomanOPENTeam GreyRX10815:00614
Cassey BurrellWoman35-39Team BlackRX10115:0016
Marian LamWomanOPENTeam GreyRX9815:005+817
Sara KelleyWomanOPENTeam GreyRX9815:005+817
Alise EramianWoman35-39Team Blackscale9215:005+219
KaitlinWomanOPENTeam GreyRX9215:005+219
Angelica ThompsonWomanOPENTeam Greyscale7215:00421
Jenny CesarWomanOPENTeam Black22
Anna LiWomanOPENTeam Grey22
AruzhanWomanOPENTeam Grey22
CheWomanOPENTeam Grey22
Christina ManolatosWomanOPENTeam Grey22
Laura RodriguezWomanOPENTeam Grey22
Marissa CadieuxWomanOPENTeam Grey22
BrianaWomanOPENTeam Grey22
Nicole OWomanOPENTeam Grey22
PriscilaWomanOPENTeam Grey22
Rebekah WiseWomanOPENTeam Grey22