2019 Open – Rules & Scoring

Friday, February 22 2019
February 21, 2019
Sunday, February 24 2019
February 23, 2019

CrossFit UNLEASHED - Long Island City, New York | Dutch Kills, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Gym

                The next 6 weeks of the CrossFit Open will go down in history as the best 6 weeks you’ve had and will establish, for many, a reason to come back for years to come. Yes, the CrossFit Games will be releasing a workout every Thursday for us to tackle but the open and the competition will be more than just 1 workout a week. This year marks some noticeable changes…  45% of our competitors are now Masters athletes over the age of 35.  This year is also our most participated OPEN ever, with 111 athletes and counting.

Team captains have shifted, and Team Grey has a powerhouse duo to lead the charge into 2019. Coach Tommy is poised to defend Team Black’s reigning title with a new Co-Captain Lisa R taking the helm.  Can the teacher duo develop the winning formula for a repeat win in 2019, or will Team Grey’s fresh faces improvise the perfect game plan for their very first title?


  • Participation
    • 5 Possible Points

Points will be given out for the team with the must athletes who are able to meet the participation criteria for each week.  The team with the most athletes in attendance, the most athletes trash talking on facebook, the team with the biggest presence.

  • Podium Spots
    • 24 Possible Points

Points will be given out for each podium spot acquired by a team in each of the divisions:
Rx Men (all ages)
Rx Women (all ages)
Scale Men (all ages)
Scale Women (all ages)
Masters 35+ Men Rx (all ages)
Master 35+Women Rx (all ages)
Masters 35+ Men SCALE (all ages)
Master 35+Women SCALE (all ages)

  • Spirit
    • 5 Possible Points

Points will be given out for the team that exemplifies “esprit de Open”. The funniest costumes, the loudest cheering, the coolest signs. The key here is fun and community.

  • Fitness Challenge *NEW*
    • 5 Possible Points

Each week we will assign a fitness challenge for each team. All team members can participate towards the fitness challenge to help claim the 5 points per week.


  • Judges will ensure full R.O.M. Athletes who fail to meet the full R.O.M will be “No Repped” and must repeat the movement again. Judges who fail to abide by the standards and hold athletes accountable will be barred from judging in future workouts, the athletes overall score may also be penalized and a “rep penalty” will be applied to their overall score. With that being said, it’s as much the athlete’s responsibility to ensure they are moving to standards as it is the judge.
  • Athletes are encouraged to be judged by official judge or member of the opposite team.
  • Workouts can be repeated, if an athlete performs the WOD on Friday and chooses to try again on Sunday, the best score will count toward the leaderboard.
  • Workouts can only be performed with a judge watching on Fri/Sun. Exceptions are made on case by case basis. If you are traveling for work, workouts can be performed at another CrossFit affiliate.
  • Those who are officially registered via Games.CrossFit.com must submit their scores by Monday for validation. All other athletes, please make sure your score card is completed and accurate when handing it to your judge, we suggest inputting your score in WODIFY for your records.
  • Sportsmanship. We expect everyone to be encouraging and uplifting throughout the competition.  Don’t be rude, obnoxious, overly proud, or disrespectful to your peers and judges.
  • Judges decision is final. You may think it was a good rep, and you certainly can discuss this after the workout is over with Coach Ant, but if your judge rules the move is a No-Rep just simply ask them what you did wrong and correct it for the next rep.